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Combining the significance and style of natural stone with a number of thoughtful, inventive design characteristics, Stone Planking™ puts a new and effective tool in the hands of designers, architects, dealers, home builders, and stone professionals everywhere.

Pulled from some of the finest quarries from around the world and selected with an eye for uniqueness of character and a tolerance for only the highest quality, our stones cover a continuum of color, texture, and aesthetic appeal.

From the bold and exotic to the sophisticated and refined, no two of our stones are alike yet all share a common dimensional feature that sets them apart from anything that exists in the natural stone industry today.

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Stone planking is sold in "unique" units. In addition to our standard 6 inch format we also offer alternative formats that allow scale and depth for architectural projects of any size. Call our customer service representitives at (307) 684-7418 for more information.